The Versatile Blogger Award


Good Sunday to all!
First of all, I wish to thank the blog “I tesori alla fine dell’arcobaleno” (, for awarding this prize to my site. I feel very honored for this 🙂
Once awarded, you may follow four simple rules:

1. Quote the logo above on your own page.
2. Thank the blog that have appointed yours.
3. Choose 15 blogs that you want to appoint and publish their URL code.
4. Write 7 things about you.

Blogs that I want to reward are:
1.Latin for addicts (
2.Acqua e Limone (
3.E a culo tutto il resto (
4.Johnny Shumate (
5.In Fernem Land (
6.Sono, dunque scrivo (
7.Athenae Noctua (
8.Archeoricette (
9.Banshee. (
10.Biblioteca Civica G.U. Lanfranchi di Palazzolo sull’Oglio (
11.History of the Ancient World (
12.The British Museum (
13.Il Palazzo di Sichelgaita (
14.Ritarobert’s Blog (

The seven things that describe me:
1.Spreading and trasmitting knowledges of humanism, the principles of dignity and human civilization;
2.Sharing issues and information related to the Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance;
3.Visiting museums, exhibitions and art cities;
4.Creating discussions, sharing and exchanging of ideas;
5.Knowing and studying cultures other than my own;
6.Learning and teaching;
7.Refreshing the topics.

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